Bookkeeper Partner Program

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Bookkeepers can earn thousands of dollars for referring their clients to Halon for tax services & planning.

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Client Discounts

Every client you refer gets 10% off of every Halon tax package and service they purchase. Bookkeepers provide clients a referral code to use at checkout, that is it.

Earn Cash Awards

As you refer clients you earn cash awards. Each return you refer to Halon earns you $10% of whatever they spend year after year. A constant cash-flow steam.

Dedicated CPA

Members of the Halon Bookkeeper Program are assigned a member of our team to be their single point of contact regarding client business.

Why join the Halon Bookkeeper Program?


Consistent Tax Partners

Bookkeepers like you need a strong tax partner that will help you expand your business offerings. Our team is here to help you with any on-boarding needs into our service. You can trust Halon and our team to understand the value you are bringing to us and to be respectful and consistent in our dealings with your clients and their tax needs.


Help Your Clients Save Money

When your client uses your referral code at checkout, they save 10% on tax return preparation.  This discount is only available to bookkeepers and increases the value of their relationship with your firm.  They receive the discount year after year, and lose it if they are not affiliated with your bookkeeping business.

How Does The Bookkeeper Partner Program Work?

4 easy steps to wow your clients and put lots of money in your pocket.

Step 1

Refer a Client to Halon Tax

Tell your client to use your email address as their bookkeeper when they sign up. This locks you as their official bookkeeper and provides both you and your client with exclusive benefits.

Step 2

Client 10% Discount

Each time your client purchases returns from Halon Tax, they receive a 10% discount on their services. This discount is only available to users that have a bookkeeper.

Step 3

Commission Checks

For each tax return your clients do through Halon Tax, you receive 10% of whatever the client spends as they continue purchasing returns and services from Halon.

Step 4

Discreet Communication

If Halon Tax finds a bookkeeping issue that needs to be addressed, we contact you instead of the client. We work with you to make the change and keep your relationship with the client in perfect balance.

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