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Who Prepares My Taxes?

Pod Managers

Pod Managers review and sign each tax return on behalf of Halon Tax. PM's also supervise the tax staff and support staff as they provide services to each user. Tax meetings are conducted by Pod Managers. PM's are our most experienced tax preparers.
4-Year College Degree
Legal Degree
Tax Lawyer
10+ Years Experience
4-Year College Degree
Masters Degree
‍10+ Years Experience
4-Year College Degree
Masters Degree
‍20+ Years Experience

Tax Managers

Tax Managers are very experienced tax professionals that supervise Halon and the Data Analysts. TM's focus on tax research and managing complex tax situations. Much of their day is focused on review of tax positions and ensuring returns are accurate.
Bachelors Degree
5+ Years Experience
Bachelors Degree
5+ Years Experience
Bachelors Degree
5+ Years Experience

Data Analyst

Data Analysts are the primary operators inside Halon Tax. They interact with the Halon Tax Engine and assist in preparing returns as they are calculated by Halon.

Financial Accountants

Financial Accountants are experts in bookkeeping and financial statement preparation. FA's review every set of financials that are sent into Halon for errors and red flags that could be an issue in an audit. If your financials are not accurate, the FA's will outline what changes should be made and you can make the change or have our team do it for you.
Bachelors Degree
25+ Years Experience
Bachelors Degree
25+ Years Experience


4 Year College Degree
1-2 Years Experience
Our intern program is for local, Minneapolis-based accounting students that want to see hands on how they can make an impact at Halon Tax and in the lives of our users. During their 4-month internship, they see every part of our operation from financial review to tax return deployment. If you are interested in applying to be a Halon Tax Intern, click the button below.
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