How To Setup An

If you have an LLC or a Corporation and would like to setup an S-Corporation, this book is for you!



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It's Easy To Convert
Converting To An S-Corp Is Painless. S-corporations have massive benefits, and they are easy to setup and operate. We will take you through it from start to finish.
Paying taxes for your business can feel rough. Sole proprietors pay very high taxes. If you don't want to get a shocking surprise this year, or if you think you have been paying too much, this book will show you how to save thousands.
Bookkeeping Changes
After converting to an S-Corporation there are several changes to the way your bookkeeping and taxes need to be done. It can seem like some big changes, but when you look at the changes overall, there's less work for you in the end.
'I love your guys' ebooks... As a Quickbooks Pro Adviser I find them easy to read and understand and thus they help to provide a basis or citation when I give advice to my clients'

About The Author

Christopher Ragain is a CPA and the founder of Halon Tax. Halon Tax, a software company that provides a one stop shop for all things small business finance related: tax returns, bookkeeping, tax planning... we've got you covered. Our whole business at Halon is to help small business owners, like yourself, with your tax and financial needs.

I've run and grown my own accounting firm since I was 25 years old and have worked with and for thousands of small business owners. I am a member of the Quickbooks trainer/writer network and have been a featured speaker to small businesses and accountants in several settings including Quickbooks Connect, Accountex, CPA Academy and more.