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Elect that your LLC or Corporation be taxed as an S-corporation. Step-by-step help and filing, all reviewed by one of our CPA's

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How It Works


Enter Your Company Information

Complete a simple interview screen with your contact information, your business name and address, the shareholder information and when you want to become an S-corporation. You can backdate it up to 3 years.


A CPA Reviews The Form So You Know Its Right

One you enter all of your company info, our software builds the Form 2553 right away and sends it to one of our on-staff CPA's to review. They make sure the filing will be accepted, spelling is correct, and you will have no issues.


Fax or Mail The Signed Form To IRS

Halon will present the completed Form 2553 to you for signatures and faxing/mailing to the IRS. The process is very easy and very secure. We use 2 factor authentication to keep your information safe until it gets to the IRS. Usualy elections are accepted right away!

Start Your Form 2553