Halon Defender™

Halon & the Tax Team will defend you in the event of a notice, review, or audit. We stand by our work. This service is offered for purchase with every return.

IRS Notices

CP 2000 Notices

CP 102 Notices

Paper Audit Requests

Late Filing Penalties

Form 2553 Problems

EIN Duplications

Audit Defense

Preparation of Response Letters

Backup Documentation

Scheduling Audit Times

Communications with Auditor

CPA Representation

Analysis & Litigation

CPA Letters

Bank Lending

Home Mortgages

College Programs

Compilation Reports

Estate Planning

It is important for our users to understand that while we are software, we are also a full-service CPA firm. I am signing your return. As your tax preparer, I am responsible to the IRS for your tax in a number of ways. So if there is a problem, or if the IRS wants more information, we are just as concerned with that as you are.

Myself and my team are going to use our vast experience to respond and resolve any problem you have. We see this as a very long-term relationship and we will defend you vigorously if needed.

Christopher G. Ragain, CPA
Founder, Halon Tax

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