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Revenue must be less than $1,000,000

Flat price, simple solution


State Additional

Form 1120S

Form 1065

Includes all schedules (K-1's, etc.)

Free eFile with IRS and State

Up to 8 shareholders or partners

7 year tax return storage


No credit card required

Schedule C Package

S-corporation & Partnership Packages





State AdditionalStart Return


Sch C + Personal

Personal Tax Return (Form 1040)

Schedule C





Start Return


Business Only

Business Return (Form 1120S or 1065)





State AdditionalStart Return


Business + Personal

Business Return (Form 1120S or 1065)

Personal Tax Return (Form 1040)

Bookkeeping Packages

If you do not have financial statements or completed bookkeeping, our affordable packages can have your books done in as little as 48 hours.

Monthly expenses
below $5k


per month

Monthly expenses
from $5k to $15k


per month

Monthly expenses
from $15k to $30k


per month

Tax Add-On Services

Halon offers several tax options to help you take your tax planning and business strategies to the next level.

Tax Return


plus state

Review & Fix


per company

CPA Review


via phone

CPA Tax Planning


per year

LLC Formation


+ state fees



Form 2553

QuickBooks Online Conversion


Normally $149
We'll convert your Xero, QB Desktop, or Spreadsheet recorded bookkeeping over to QuickBooks Online.

Pricing & Package FAQ's

What if my bookkeeping has errors or needs corrections?

If you think your books need some work, add our "Bookkeeping Review & Fix" package. We look for incorrect financial statements and items that could be a red flag with the IRS. If we find problems, we present them to you and will correct your financial statements for you.

I have an LLC, which package do I choose?

LLC's can be taxed several different ways, and we can help you choose if you click the support button in bottom right of this screen. If you are the only owner, then you most likely need just a personal return with a schedule C. But if you made over $20K, you should talk to us about being an S-corp. You can save a ton of money and we can retroactively elect that. Yeah, back in time!

How many personal returns can I purchase with my business return?

As many as you like. We allow you to purchase additional personal tax returns for $399. You will see that option when you go to purchase your return in the software.

If I am a sole proprietor and file on Schedule C, can I still use Halon?

Yes you can. We can prepare your schedule C as part of your personal tax return. That return price is $399, but if you make over $20,000 we also may recommend you convert to an S-corp to save large amounts on your return. See below.

If I am a sole proprietor and want to become an S-corp (to save on taxes) can Halon do that for me?

You bet we can. Login and go to your billing screen to purchase our conversion program for $49. We will have you convert to S-corp before we prepare your return so you get all of the tax savings this year. We can backdate s-corp elections back 3 years, contact support if you have questions.

Will I speak with or meet my CPA about my return?

Yes! Every package comes with an option to meet with your Tax Team (add on required). Those meetings are normally about 30 minutes long and allows you to ask any questions and hear what the team advises for your business return this year.

What if the IRS sends me a notice or audits me?

Every return we prepare is guaranteed to be accurate or Halon will pay the interest and penalties. You also have the option of purchasing our Halon Defender™ program. Halon Defender™ provides notice and audit support, preparation of IRS responses, CPA representation and much more. To learn more about Halon Defender™ click here.

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