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Your own CPA preparing your tax returns and reviewing your bookkeeping.

Halon will help you grow your business by ensuring your financial and accounting work is flawless.




Get Started With Your CPA Now

Deduction Focused

Halon's primary goal with every taxpayer is to minimize tax. That means looking for deductions and maximizing your refund. We analyze both the business return and personal return so they work together in lowering any tax due.

Your Own CPA

As soon as you start your tax service you are assigned a dedicated CPA that will answer any questions, review your returns, and make sure you understand your tax options and the strategies we are recommending.

Fast Turnaround

Halon knows your time is valuable, and we can prepare your returns in as little as 4 hours depending on the state of the bookkeeping. Even if the books are not perfect, we can recommend pros to fix them & prepare your return quickly.

Year-round Support

Just like a traditional CPA firm, Halon professionals are available to you 12 months a year. From payroll questions, to help with retirement plans, we have you covered. Chat, phone, or email we are ready to help.

Halon Is The Only Solution You Need

Books Always Right

Our tax team will review your books and look for missing deductions. We will then work with you or your bookkeeper to get everything ready for tax time.

Taxes Always Low

Your dedicated CPA will review your prior year tax returns and look for missed opportunities. If we find them, we will offer to amend your return and get your money back.

Unlimited CPA Help

During your free trial you can meet with your tax team as much as you like via chat or phone. Ask questions about taxes, bookkeeping, corporations, and more.

Do You Use A Bookkeeper? See Special Pricing.

Business Tax Returns prepared by our team:

Includes CPA review & signature:

Full-service CPA Firm. Everything done for you. Sales income up to $3,000,000.

Tax Return Only. Small S-corps & Partnerships. Sales income under $250,000.

No software to download & Mac friendly:

Option for personal tax return and tax planning:

Option to upload information via QBO, Wave, or Xero:


Quarterly bookkeeping reviews & financial review boards:

Same CPA and accounting team all year with unlimited support:

Revenue up to $3,000,000 and unlimited assets:




A New Kind Of Tax Service

Halon Tax Is Better In Every Way

For the last 50 years, the tax return preparation industry has not changed in ways that benefit the client. Wait times are longer. Prices go up every year. In fact, most CPA's and tax professionals are trained by industry experts to RAISE THEIR FEES EVERY YEAR!

Halon is different. We focus on the elements of tax preparation that clients want.

Did your business make more than $20K last year?

If you did, you can save over $2,000 this year by making a simple election. Halon can do it all for you!
To learn more about how Halon can help your business maximize this election and to have us analyze exactly what you could save, click below:
I Made Over $20K Last Year

The future of business tax preparation is here.

Tax Package Pricing

Halon can prepare these returns for you....

.... and we include in every tax return

CPA Service

Every return is managed by our CPA staff and tax team. Ask questions, get advice, and hear recommendations.

Find Deductions

Before your return is started, our financial accountant team reviews your financial statements for missed expenses.

Tax Strategies

As a business owner, you have several tax strategies available to you. We will make sure you take advantage of every one.

Expert Reviewed

Your return is reviewed by CPA's with an average of 12 years experience. No deduction or opportunity is missed.

12 Hour Turnaround

Your return can be prepared in as little as 12 hours depending on complexity and time the return is purchased.

eFile & Direct Deposit

If you would like, we can efile your return for you and make sure your refund is direct deposited to your bank.

Includes K-1's

Tax services include every form needed. You will receive K-1's, state tax returns, and any other form the IRS requires.

Tax Return Storage

Once we finish your return, we will store it electronically on our secure servers for up to 7 years.

Chat Support

Our support agents are available to you 7 days a week from 8am - 6pm to answer all of your tax or software questions.