Small Business Tax Return Preparation

Each return is prepared by your personal CPA with bookkeeping and tax deductions reviewed for accuracy.

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Is Your Business Putting Your Life At Risk?

Are you a Sole Proprietorship business? Do you know how your business is incorporated?
Depending on how your business is set up, more than your bottom line is at risk. Your home, your personal credit score, your car, everything you own is on the line...

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Diagnose Your Books

The first step in any return is to review your bookkeeping and make sure the financials are tied out and accurate.

If we find problems that are red flags for the IRS, we will outline them to you. We have a team of accountants that can fix them too (extra fee required).

What is included in the bookkeeping review? >>>


File Your Returns

Halon and the CPA Tax Team use your bookkeeping file to prepare your federal and state business tax returns.

Each return is reviewed and signed by a CPA with more than 8 years experience.

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Maximize Your Refund

Our tax planning module is purposed with sifting through your business information to find tax savings & strategies that you are not taking advantage of.

We will maintain an "aggressive but legal" stance and provide you every tax reducing opportunity we find.

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Simple Software. Expert Accountants.

Halon Tax Combines The Best Of Both Worlds


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A New Kind Of Tax Service

Halon Tax Is Better In Every Way

For the last 50 years, the tax return preparation industry has not changed in ways that benefit the client. Wait times are longer. Prices go up every year. In fact, most CPA's and tax professionals are trained by industry experts to RAISE THEIR FEES EVERY YEAR!

Halon is different. We focus on the elements of tax preparation that clients want.

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"I have used Halon Tax for 2 years and each year the service shows me a new deduction, a new option, better ways to meet, and overall I just love the service. I would recommend to any business owner, new or old."

Sarah Thomas, AGM Industries Inc.

Halon can prepare these returns for you....

Form 1120S

S-Corporation Tax Return

Form 1065

Partnership Tax Return

Form 1040

Personal Tax Return

.... and we include in every tax return

CPA Signed

Every return is overseen and reviewed by a member of our Tax Team and signed by your assigned CPA.

Review Bookkeeping

Before your return is started, our financial accountant team reviews your financial statements for IRS red flags.

Tax Strategies

As a business owner, you have several tax strategies available to you. We will make sure you take advantage of every one.

Triple Reviewed

Your return is reviewed by 3 or more independent CPA's that are part of the Halon Tax Team.

12 Hour Turnaround

Your return can be prepared in as little as 12 hours depending on complexity and time the return is purchased.

eFile & Direct Deposit

If you would like, we can efile your return for you and make sure your refund is direct deposited to your bank.

Includes K-1's

Tax services include every form needed. You will receive K-1's, state tax returns, and any other form the IRS requires.

Tax Return Storage

Once we finish your return, we will store it electronically on our secure servers for up to 7 years.

Chat Support

Our support agents are available to you 7 days a week from 8am - 6pm to answer all of your tax or software questions.

Halon Tax Makes Life Easier.

Your own small business tax department.

The future of business tax preparation is here.

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